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Spectacularly Simple Tatted Earrings With Beads

Materials and tools needed for this free earring tatting pattern include the following:

  • Size 20 thread
  • (120) size 11 seed beads
  • (2) size 8 beads (optional)
  • (2) jump rings
  • (2) earring hooks
  • Clear nail varnish
  • The usual tatting equipment.

A ‘Big Eye needle’, which splits for the length of the needle thus has a very big eye, would be useful and are available from beadwork suppliers.

Note that 54 of the beads (used for the hanging ‘tassel) on each earring are added at the end.

For this pattern, R = ring, B = bead, VLP = very long picot (3 times round a 1 inch picot gauge (such as a child’s ruler or cut one from a cereal packet), cl = close ring, + = join, in this pattern
make a whole double stitch after joining to the jump ring, not just the second half of the stitch.

Instructions are also included in the same pattern for creating a larger version of the earrings, for a matching pendant!

This project would look spectacular in a huge variety of color combinations, so feel free to play around with different combos!

Here is the pattern

Image and Pattern Source: Jennifer Williams of Cariad Tatting

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