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Stunning “Star Attraction” Doily (FREE Tatting Pattern)

The free tatting pattern for this “Star Attraction” doily will give you the opportunity to tat up a doily that finishes up in amazingly contrasting highlights!

The pattern starts out by instructing you to wind one shuttle with your lighter color and then attach the lighter color to a ball of your darker color.

Two shuttles are ultimately needed after the beginning of the pattern, and both shuttles utilize your lighter color.

When Size 20 thread is used, the finished doily will measure approximately 9 inches across.

Techniques utilized for this pattern include double stitch, picot, long picot, mock picot, lock join, chain, reverse work, do not reverse work, repeat, previous, ring, split ring, close ring, join, switch shuttles, continuous thread method, and Josephine ring.

Here is the pattern

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