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Tantalizing Tatted & Beaded Bracelet! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

Here is a completely free bracelet tatting pattern that incorporates the use of seed beads, for a stunning result!

This is a 2-shuttle project that requires knowledge of how to do rings, chains, lock joins, and beaded picots.

The seed beads (Size 11/0) are strung onto the two shuttles first…shuttle 1 requires you to string 32 beads, and shuttle 2 requires you to string 9 beads.

This is a pretty quick project and would make a last-minute gift for someone special! There isn’t really any instruction provided with regard to a bracelet clasp. You could probably attach some leather cord to each end so that the bracelet could be tied shut, or you could also consider getting your hands on some jewelry clasps, and attaching those.

Here is the pattern

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