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Tatted Pumpkin Earrings! (FREE Pattern)

Here is not only a very original and unique tatting project, it also works up very quickly into some very impressive results!

This pattern is courtesy of Penolopy Bulnick at Instructables!

In reference to this pattern, Penolopy states, “Since it is almost Halloween, I thought I should see what I could come up with for my tatting. I had some orange crochet thread that I bought really cheap. I never thought I would have a reason to use it, but this ended up being the perfect opportunity. I wanted to make a pumpkin pin, but, when I was done, it didn’t seem like pin material, so they became earrings!”

The materials that you need to make these are pretty standard for any tatting project that you might do.

Orange Crochet Thread size 10
Green Crochet Thread size 10
Tatting Needle size 5 (or a tatting shuttle and ball)
Two earring wires

For optional step 7:
Spray Starch

Here is the pattern link

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