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Terrifically Tatted Christmas Ball! (FREE Tatting Pattern)

This free tatting pattern calls for Size 40 Lizbeth tatting thread, so if you plan on using a larger thread, such as Size 20, or a smaller thread, such as Size 80, you probably will need to make some pretty major adjustments to get the fit around the Christmas ball that you want.

If you do choose to use a different size thread than the recommended Size 40, the easiest way to make the adjustment is to adjust the number of motifs you will need to create.

For a thread that is smaller than Size 40, you will need to create more motifs, because each individual motif will be smaller than those done in Size 40.

On the other hand, for a thread that is larger than Size 40, you will need to tat up less motifs, because each motif will be larger than those created with Size 40 thread.

Regardless of which size thread you choose to use, this is truly a gorgeous Christmas ornament that really impresses with its picots throughout!

This tatting pattern requires two shuttles or two needles.

Other things needed for this project include:

  • 610 seed beads Size 11/0
  • A small crochet hook that will fit through the eye of a bead
  • A 3-inch satin-covered Styrofoam Christmas ball
  • A sewing needle

Techniques needed for this tatting pattern include:

  • Double stitch
  • Picot
  • Join
  • Bead join

If you wish to add a tassel to the bottom, a link is provided with instructions for that within the pattern.

There is also a printable pdf of the pattern, for those of you who prefer a printed pattern.

Here is the pattern

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